Why the Yankees Will and Won’t Win the World Series

At the beginning of the season, people were wondering if the Yankees were even going to make the playoffs with a stacked American League East division.  But top ten rankings in runs scored (855, 2nd), on-base percentage (.344, 2nd) and team earned run average (3.69, 10th) put the Yankees back on the map, and gave them the fast track to the AL East title.  Now the question is; will the youth of the Yankees starting lineup lead the team to title #28, or will the age show for the second consecutive season?  Hit the break to find out what the Squeeze thinks about the Bronx Bombers.

The offense relies on the middle part of the lineup.  Curtis Granderson is a legitimate MVP candidate with a .266 batting average, 41 home runs and 119 RBIs.  Hitting 26 doubles during the season, Granderson will get on base, but it will be up to the usual targets like Robinson Cano and Mark Texiera to bring him home.  The breaking point for the offense will depend on which Yankee will either rise or fall in this occasion.  Obviously the main focus will be placed on Alex Rodriguez, and whether or not he will bounce back from his injury to reclaim his impressive recent playoff play.

Ivan Nova will either make or break this playoff season for New York.  A 16-4 record with a 3.70 ERA and 98 strikeouts show that this rookie is a freak.  If he keeps his current streak, then the Yankees will have a much higher chance of advancing deep in the playoffs.  If he pulls off a Joba, then the trip will come to a quick and sudden stop.

So where will the Yankees end up this postseason?  Look at the competition they should be facing.  Chalk says that the Bronx Bombers will (at press time) play Detroit in the first round followed by the same team that took them out last year in the ALCS, the Rangers. The worst case scenario for the Yankees would be a five-game series against the young and upstart series, and if it happens, it will cost the Yankees. Either way, I see it difficult to see the Yanks past game five of the ALCS.


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