LIVE BLARG: NLCS Game 6: St. Louis Cardinals @ Milwaukee Brewers

> I must say that although this Liveblarg is losing steam, at least we now have a solid system for the World Series games.  Buckle up.  That said, this game sucks.

>In other news, this Liveblarg is totally losing steam.

>Okay, now the game is getting kind of boring.

>”You’re going to get eaten alive in middle school.” You = St. Louis Cardinals; Middle School = Texas Rangers in the World Series.

> I haven’t felt this sick since that time we saw that Ronald Reagan film.

>Glad Mailwaukee was booing their team right there. Deserving.

>If this is “no fun” for Tony LaRussa, he’s doing it wrong.

>Yeah, Corey Hart, throw that bat. It would totally have been the bat’s fault if you had made contact.

>The sad thing is that the Cardinals have a chance to be even better next season, but the Brewers without Fielder (which, if they do not win, is nearly a guarantee) are significantly less impressive.

> Pretty much how the rest of this game is going to go – Cardinals should hit a home run every other inning and the Brewers are going to shoot themselves in the foot.  The last two games Milwaukee has played like everything but a pennant-contending team.

> How good is this game making Texas look?

>Let’s take a minute to discuss how awful that hanging, chest-high movement-less slide piece was from Narveson to Pujols: Extremely. 

>This is just getting ridiculous. Milwaukee keeps trying to give this series away by pitching to Pujols. Absolutely absurd.

> Fact: Record for most Home Runs in one playoff game is Seven. Shared by Chicago vs. Florida NLCS game one in Oct. 2003 and Boston vs. Tampa Bay game two in Oct. 2008.


> Fact: St. Louis has scored first in every game of this series.

> Remember when people said that the AL was the more power-heavy league?  HAAHAHAHA! Rafael Furcal launches the third home run of the game, second for the Cardinals to the second deck in Left. 5-1 St. Louis top 2nd.

>Don’t hand Narveson the “W” just yet. His two K’s were versus the pitcher and an even lesser batter in Nick Punto.

>You would think Punto would have tried to master hitting right handed before becoming a switch-hitter. Not the case. #awfulhitter

>Working on the Long, Cold Winter post for the Houston Astros. God what a horrendous team. Enough pitching to win games, though. Going to get obliterated in the American League verus TEX, ANA, NYY, BOS, TOR, well, everyone.

> If anyone has been complaining that this series or these playoffs have lacked offense…watch tonight’s game and remember last night’s game.

>Okay, Roenicke: This is your third chance. Stop putting Marcum out there. Narveson as a long reliever sounds good. Corey Hart goes yard. 4-1 Cardinals. this isn’t even close to being over.

>Wow…to quote Anchorman…”That escalated quickly…I mean…that really got out of hand fast!” David Freese makes his stance for NLCS MVP with a three-run ROCKET. 4-0 St. Louis.

> Marcum self-imploding in the first. It’s like his time back in Toronto all-over again. Berkman shot up the middle plates one – 1-0 St. Louis Top 1st

>Brewers doing what they should have all series: Not pitch to Albert Pujols.

>Roy, I thought you were a huge fan of X-Factor.Joe Buck sure is.

>Just tuned in to FOX. It was the XFactor. Game is on TBS. I will never get that 7 seconds of my life back, and I will be forever embittered by it.

> I may be a little late to this party. Watching Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. Since 6PM. This is the last one, I swear.

Trying again: Monty and I (Roy-Z) will be attempting to liveblog this pivotal, momentum-shifting, cliche-inducing game 6! Stay tuned!


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