NFL Pick Six: Week Seven

Welcome to one of the new features of Squeeze Situation – NFL Pick Six! Each week the writers are going to rank the top six and bottom six teams of the league, and pick the three best matchups of the week (six teams total! MUAHAHAHA) and pick a winner. Let’s kick the tires and light the fires.

(Chris Cassavecca with the commentary on the top and bottom six.  With a few contributions by Monty.)

Top Six

1.) Green Bay Packers – The only undefeated team left, and it wasn’t easy either.

2.) New England Patriots – Reclaimed the top of the East with the win over the Cowboys. Brady beat a Ryan defense not once, but twice

3.) Baltimore Ravens -Even though they do not have the hardest schedule, a 29-14 win against the Texans is pretty impressive. Their defense is what will take them to the Super Bowl.

4.) San Francisco 49ers – They slapped the Lions around like Harbaugh slaped Schwartz at the end of the game. They will easily win the NFC West.

5.) Detroit Lions – A loss to the 49ers is nothing to cringe about. This team will still be contenders for the NFC North. Games against Atlanta, New Orleans and San Diego will say a lot, regardless of their two dates with Green Bay.

6.) San Diego Chargers –   They are well rested and ready to take on the Jets this Sunday. Their remaining schedule is not easy,  but they can get through it.  Its like we’re waiting for them to turn into the Chargers of old but they are not playing like it so far.

Bottom Six

27.) Minnesota Vikings – McNabb has no more gas in the take and Adrian Peterson cannot carry this team. Maybe its time to ponder about Ponder. Congrats, Ponder! Your first start is against the PACKERS. I can feel the pain from here.

28.) Denver Broncos – This team just wants to give up. They are trading away all their talent and have rested this season on the hopeful Tebow.

29.) Jacksonville Jaguars – Maurice Jones-Drew is the only talent this team has.  I can’t wait for this team to move to LA.

30.) Miami Dolphins – Congrats Andrew Luck, you will be the next Dan Marino – A great player with a mediocre coach and no talent around him.

31.) St. Louis Rams –  This is one team that cannot catch a break. At this rate, all their starters will be injured by week 13.

32.) Indianapolis Colts – Without Peyton, this team is absolutely nothing. Think of the bright side, at least Indiana fans can watch the Pac– oh…wait. They’re screwed.

Week Seven Picks

Atlanta vs. Detroit:

Atlanta is a team that should be playing much better than they are so far this season. 3-3 with Ryan only throwing eight touchdowns is very underwhelming.  That said, the Falcons have a chance to re-start their season with a win Sunday over a very good Detroit team.  The Lions fell last week to San Francisco, but are getting five points on the spread.  Jahvid Best will not be playing, and that will put a lot of the pressure on Maurice Morris to perform for the Silver and Blue.  Stafford should rebound against a weak backfield for Atlanta.

Monty’s Pick – Detroit 34 Atlanta 17

San Diego vs. New York Jets

The Jets are nowhere near the level they are supposed to be at this point in the season. 3-3 is not a good number to be at, and early on in the season this week’s match-up against the Chargers was circled on the calendar as a benchmark.  That said, the Jets are simply outmatched in this game. The Chargers are more sound on all sides of the ball, sixth in passing yards per game, ninth in rushing yards, and second in passing yards allowed.  It looks to be up to Shone Greene to win the game for the Jets….I’m taking the Chargers.

Monty’s Take: Chargers 38 Jets 21

Texans vs. Titans

A surprisingly crucial game in the AFC South.  The 3-3 Texans hit the road to take on the 3-2 Titans.  What’s going to be interesting is when we are finally going to see the emergence of Chris Johnson.  Common belief can say that the fantasy all-star running back is just mailing it in.  Against Houston, Johnson needs to return to his form for this team to win.  The Texans will put up points, even though Andre Johnson is still out with an injury.  I put more faith in Houston than Tennessee. The Texans get a massive road win.

Monty’s Prediction: Houston 27 Tennessee 17


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