Reactions: Hiroyuki Nakajima to the Yankees

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees have won the bid to negotiate with Hiroyuki Nakajima, Japanese middle-infield extraordinaire.

…and as Jon Heyman also tweets (keep in mind Jon Heyman is full of horse shit), the bid was only $2,000,000. Two million? For real, Major League Baseball?

I am not so concerned with the Yankees signing Nakajima – and truthfully it might be a little difficult to sign a career .302 hitter with an .845 OPS as a UTILITY player – I am more concerned that MLB GMs have just given up on the posting system, aside from the top payrolls.

The Yankees do not need Nakajima. Many other teams would be able to slot him in, every day (which he has done in Japan). A few examples, oh, the San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers (please, DD, realize what you do not have in Ramon Santiago), New York Mets, San Diego Padres and probably some more (Chicago Cubs?).

In short, this deal kind of sucks for baseball, especially the Japan-American posting system. Get rid of it. It doesn’t work.

However, it remains that something is up in New York. While some thing NYY will sign ‘jima to a long-term deal and groom him for SS in the future, I’m not buying it. Brian Cashman is a brilliant, terrific, shifty as hell general manager – he gets what he wants. As someone brought up over at MLBTR, there might be another deal going down. It is impossible to rule out the Yankees putting in a heavy bid for Nakajima, signing him, and trading him to another team for a new starting pitcher. We’ll see.


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