Albert Pujols to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

…has just been confirmed by, um, someone.


What it means: Angels get better, but not by the insane amount that Arte Moreno just paid for. The deal is going to be in the neighborhood of 10-Years (confirmed) and according to @Ken_Rosenthal, “north of $250,000,000.”


That’s a substantial amount of dough for one player, especially for a team currently paying for what many have called the worst in baseball, but we won’t name names right now. More on that in a much more detailed post, later.

As it stands, the Angels bring in Pujols to really bring some pop into a decent lineup. With Mark Trumbo (who will be the better player by the end of the contract), the hopeful return of a healthy Kendrys Morales, and a resurgence of Vernon Wells (however unlikely), the Angels now have the formidable offense to match a great pitching staff.

There are questions, though. For one, where will Kendrys go? DH? The Angels now have Trumbo, Pujols and Morales, all first baseman. Conflicts are abound. Angels also have to be pushed right up against their spending limit – and if rumours are true that they could also sign Hipster CJ Wilson, you have to think another move would be coming shortly – or just follow @squeezesit for “instant!” analysis. More to come, kids.


One response to “Albert Pujols to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  1. Arte Moreno finally delivers on that carrot he’s been dangling! It’s going to be a Merry Christmas. Thank you Mr. Moreno.

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