Here’s looking at Yu, Kid.

This one hurts.

Last night, the Texas Rangers won the rights to negotiation with 25-year old Japanese-Iranian pitching phenom Yu Darvish. Up until literally the eleventh hour, Jays fans throughout Canada, the US (yes, they exist) and worldwide held on to hopes that the Blue Jays had finally pulled one out – raised from the cellar, out of the shadows of the Red Sox and Yankees, to land the big one. The ace in the hole. Someone to take some of the enormous pressure off of Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow to win every night.

This is no failing of Blue Jays management. In fact, congratulations is owed to Jon Daniels, Nolan Ryan and company over in Arlington for the solid gold balls they placed on the table along with a record $51.7 million posting fee – to negotiate. All the power to them. If they sign him, they’ll win their division, again. Angels just aren’t that great, and in terms of the Toronto Blue Jays – well, Shi Davidi’s magnificent work from earlier today offers hope:

The reality is the team is no worse off than it was last week, when Anthopoulos was looking to augment his young core.

…and he’s right. Take a breath, Blue Jays fans. This one hurts, I know. I fell for it. At 9:30 last night I was ready to load up the Jayshop website and order my first new #11 jersey shirt since my unfortunate RIOS order placed in 2005.  But we’ll get over it. There are whispers that the silent assassin has something devilish up his sleeves. Did anyone see the Santos trade coming? No. Rasmus, Johnson, the shipment of Wells and Rios off to other divisions? No.

We’ll be okay.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled, non-homerism analysis.


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